Not today its raining!!

Many times we have cancellations because of the weather but by using the Pure water fed pole system We can virtually provide you with clean windows all year round without being affected!

Windows are designed to use rainwater and sunlight to remove natural dirt and debris from them, but when other factors such as pollen, dust build up and bird droppings get onto your windows and cling to them, the next time it rains, the water from this will attach itself to the existing dirt. This in turn will make the dirt look worse but only because it was already there and not simply because it rained. If your windows are free of any external dirt, when the rain comes it will simply wash away and leave your glass clean.

Avoiding having your windows cleaned in wet weather will actually, in the long term, make them worse as water stains may build up and take more time to remove. It is important to keep your windows cleaned to preserve them so that you reap the maximum benefits that clean windows create.

We offer a 24hr clean guarantee with all of our cleans and will return to redo any windows you feel werent done properly.

Window Cleaner